Planting services is a comprehensive way of managing forest regeneration. We take care of the cultivation of forest from nursery to planting. Our customers save time and resources, when we take care of the sapling road.

We can produce the whole service following the work instructions given or plant the customer’s own saplings. In our comprehensive service saplings come from our nurseries to forest without customer’s concern for their routes or treatment. We take care of the work control and reporting. Saplings and work we give a guarantee of quality.

We offer a service for forest owners normally through the Forest Management Associations and forest service entrepreneurs in Finland and Sweden Norrbotten and Västerbotten. Forest planting services are produced by Skogran, our partner with more than 10 years of experience.

Planting services started in Finland in 2012. During the first year through our service ran about 1.3 million seedlings. In 2016, we planted more than 7 million seedlings.



Clearing Saw Works

Young stand treatments, early clearings and brush cuttings before logging came to our service portfolio in 2015. Skogran is again producing these excellent quality services with a skilled forestry workers who are having several years of professional experience. In 2016, we did works with clearing saw about 3,000 hectares.

We are able to execute large projects quickly. Service include naturally self-monitoring and reporting.

Our Other Services

Do you feel that any service is missing from our offerings that you would like us to provide? Juha Nousiainen, Jaana Mannermaa, or Rauno Kataja would be happy to discuss your thoughts with you.



Cone Handling And Seed Services

We offer a comprehensive seed service. Our customers are collecting the cones and we will answer the rest. We extract the seeds from cones, purify and store the seeds, we test the seeds, take care of a certificate for seed batches and deliver to the customer by the need from the stock. Seed Jars in refrigerator corners are of history. With this service, you can improve the germination of forest seeding and increase forest production.

Cone Collecting Services

Cone collecting particularly in seed orchards has been one part of the range of our services already from year 2013. Together with our contractor Skogran we have modernized cone collecting. Millions cones liters have already gone through our service to the customers.


Our own production allows for both small and large seed supplies in a more flexible manner. High quality seeds are also a guarantee of our production of saplings, which we select for our customers geographic location and conditions.



High-quality forest cultivation saplings are delivered to our customers from three northern sapling nurseries in Juuka, Kannus, and Kemijärvi. Get to know our reliable saplings in more detail on the saplings page.