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Personnel news

We have two new persons in Kannus nursery. Anton Peltokangas is new nursery director and Jenni Koivukoski new foreman in Kannus. They both have their own strenghts and we have positive feelings for this new duo. Tapani Kervinen from service sector has moved to other challenges and Jaana Mannermaa will…

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Personnal news

We have made small changes in the work of our staff. Because of the service-side positive development and growth, we add human resources there. For this reason, Jaana Mannermaa is moving from Juuka Nursery to help Juha and Tapani to take care of planting and sapling stand management services, mainly…

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Planting the saplings is the fastest way to get the reform areaprofitable again. With sufficient soil preparation and planting the rightselection of saplings, fully dense reform area is achieved by the most profitable means.

We operate in five different locations In Kemijärvi, Kannus, Juuka, Vierumäki and Virttaa. Our nursery gardens have long traditions, since the Kannus nursery is founded in the mid 1930.

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Our main product is to deliver forest tree saplings. We offer seeds and seed extraction services as well.

For forest owners we offer plantings and sapling managements, mainly via forest management associations and forest service entrepreneurs.

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