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Personnal news

We have made small changes in the work of our staff. Because of the service-side positive development and growth, we add human resources there. For this reason, Jaana Mannermaa is moving from Juuka Nursery to help Juha and Tapani to take care of planting and sapling stand management services, mainly in the Pohjanmaa-Kainuu area.

We have chosen Tomi Tukiainen to run the nursery. Tomi is a Bachelor of Science and has nine years of experience in Juuka Nursery, and has been working part time since 2011. We see the experience of the nursery combined with mathematical skills and adolescence as a good combination for the task. Tomi started work on 1.3.2020. You can reach Tomi at 044-527 3453 and tomi.tukiainen@pohjantaimi.fi.

I thank all the partners for the good cooperation and hope it will continue just as well with Tomi. I will also continue to work as sales manager for all Pohjan Taimi sales, so I will continue to work with our clients on the nursery side as well.

Wishing you a pleasant spring,

Jaana and the people of Pohjan Taimi
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